c4d Shaders

With this tool you can use some native shaders of Cinema 4D. This option will convert the shader you have selected to the texture so Octane can use it (Texture bake). It also works with UV mapped shaders. It's a useful tool but you will be using your precious Vram. If you have no other options, use the native Cinema 4D shader. Otherwise we recommend that you stick to the Octane shaders. Now let's look at the options to better understand this feature:


It is used to activate this feature.

Render SIZE:

The resolution used when converting any shader of Cinema 4D. It is recommended that you use it appropriately. For example, for a distant object, the high resolution shader is unnecessary, so you can choose lower resolution here. Also, as you increase the resolution, the convert process will take time, so the Live Viewer's response time will be longer.

float texture for standart & Displacement slots:

Use this feature if the shader has to be 32 bit color depth. It will consume 4x Vram as you see in the warning.

CPU Cores:

You can set how many cores you want to use here so that the convert operation speeds up. However, this feature may cause a crash in some shaders (eg. "Layer" shader). It's up to you to use it because it's still in development.

native c4d shaders you can use:

Below you can see the native Cinema 4D shaders that Octane can use.