When you select any node, you will see some options if you click right button of the mouse. Now let's briefly explain these options:

prevIew mode

You can see the preview render of the selected material in LV. To return to normal mode, right-click on the material and select "Disable Preview Node". It has the same function as the materail preview in the Live Viewer options that we mentioned earlier.

Info: When you switch to the Preview Mode, you can move the camera at LV as you wish. It has nothing to do with the camera you put on the main scene.

apply to objects

This option allows you to assign the selected material to an object that is selected in the scene. You can also see the material tag in the object manager of C4D.

help (ctrl+f1)

You can access the help file for any specific node you choose. It works in a similar way to the "show help" function of Cinema 4D.


This option has its own context menu. Here you can easily handle the familiar operations of Node.

Select hIerarchy

Used to select all hierarchical links of the selected node. It has a similar function to "child selection" in the View menu.


This option will automatically arrange the nodes you select. Same as the view menu.

convert to SUB materIal

You can now convert your normal Octane material to Blend material from the Node editor. For example, if you have made mix material and you need to add another material to this material, you don't need to mix again. You can make this material "Octane Blend Material". First, open the material you want to convert in Node editor and right click on the material and select "Convert to sub_material" from the context menu. Done.


Shows which material belongs to the selected node. It only appears when you select the parent node.


It displays the selected node in the "Node graph" window. In general you can use it if you want to see how the material structure is. We explained this window in the LV menu options section. It only appears when you select the parent node.


You can save the material you created in the Node editor in Orbx format and then use it in Octane Standalone. It only appears when you select the parent node.


This option has its own context menu. Here you can change the material type of the node you selected.


It is used to "disable" any node. In some cases you may want to turn off the nodes for a while in the editor. In such cases, you can this option. To activate again, you need to right-click on the same node and select "enable node".


It is used to "disable" the current node preview. You can enable again from the same option.


You can use it to change some of the node's parameters. It would be better to show this feature than to describe it. You can watch or download a video showing how the pins work from the below link.

Video Link

save as preset

You can save the material as a preset. To access this preset material, you can go to  the material manager window of the C4D and select Create/Load Material Preset/Octane directory.