Octane Render™ Plugin License Deactivate/Reactivate

A typical scenario: Let's say you want to work on the project with two different machines; one in "Computer A" and other one in your "Computer B". You can deactivate your license from your "Computer A" and reactivate in your Computer B" (and vice versa).

Deactivation is very easy in Version 3. Just close your Octane application (i.e Maxon Cinema 4D). This makes the License release from your computer. Then you can reactivate another machine just using to Sign in your Octane credentials (for further help see this section).

Also you can refer about Licensing questions by using FAQ's here

Info: The licensing behaviour described above applies to Octane 3. For users of Octane 2, you must manually Deactivate/Reactivate your license(s). To do this go to the Plugin's settings-> account->deactivate and in Standalone, go to preferences->account->sign-out

Info: Octane 2.x and 3.x licenses can still co-exist on the same machine

Info: If you want to use Octane on more than one machine at a time, you will need to buy additional licenses for the other machines.

V4 upgrade procedure

Follow the steps below to upgrade Octane V3 to V4.

- Go to https://home.otoy.com/render/octane-render/purchase/
- Select "Upgrade" in the top menu.
- Click on "UPGRADE NOW" next to "Upgrade existing licenses to OctaneRender 4".
- Select the licenses you want to upgrade and confirm.

Start up Issues on Cinema 4D®

Please try following method if you run into startup issue:

Delete  “otoy_credentials” file from these locations; Then try again to restart the application and sign in procedure.

Windows: %APPDATA%/OctaneRender/otoy_credentials

OSX: ~/Library/OctaneRender/otoy_credentials (you may have to use Finder's Go->Go To Folder... and type "~/Library/OctaneRender" - without the quotes - to get to that folder).

Also try to run Standalone V3 and sign-out from account section.