download/upload materIAL from/to lIve db or local db

DOWNLOAD selected materIAL from LIVE DB

There are 3 ways to download material from LiveDB. Let's explain:

1- You can download the selected material by clicking the "Download" button on the left above. Your material will appear in the material editor of cinema 4d.

2- Drag and drop the selected material directly onto your "Live Viewer" object. Thus your material will appear in the material editor of Cinema 4d and you will be assigned the material to your object in the same time.

3- Right click on the material and select "download" from the context menu


Once you have created a material in Octane, you may want to use it again for other projects. In such cases, you can save your material to Local DB. There is no direct way to save material in Octane. So you can apply the following method: Once you have created your material, select the octane material from the material manager of Cinema 4d. Then select Local DB from Live DB and drag and drop your material into the preview area. Your material will now be placed in the Local DB section. If you check the local DB path, you will see that your material is saved in Orbx format. You can also use this material in Octane Standalone if you want.  

UPLOAD selected materIAL TO LIVE DB

When you want to share the material you created, there is currently no way to do it from the Plugin. However, you can upload your material to Live DB using Octane Standalone. Now we will tell you how to do it step by step. Do not worry, the process is pretty simple:

1- First, run Octane standalone. Software is usually located in the "C: \ Program Files \ OTOY \ OctaneRender" path. If you have selected another path in the setup, you can run it from there. Once the software is open, click on the "Local DB" tab in the "Scene Outliner" window on the left. You will see the material you have saved in the list below.  

Info: Remember to place the material you created in the Octane Plugin into the Local DB. You can read the topic "Save Material to Local DB".

2- Select the material you want to upload and drag and drop it into the Nodegraph editor area.

3. Select your material in the Nodegraph editor and Right Click. Select save from the context menu.

4. In the Save window, select Location as Live Db. Press the "Ok" button after specifying the category and other information as you like. So you uploaded the material you created in the Octane plugin to LiveDB.