You can also use Cinema 4D Mograph effectors in Octane Scatter. It is shown in detail in the mini tutorial below. We have already described this tutorial in Instance Color. But we put it here once more to show how Scatter + Effector is being used.

Info: When you create an Effector, you must drag and drop this effector into Scatter's effector box. It's not automatically assigned.


In this example we will create an Instance color using Octane Scatter Object and Mograph.

1- First create a disc object and change its properties as shown in the picture.

2- Now create a Cube object and change its properties as shown in the picture below.

3- Create an Octane Scatter Object and make the Cube object child. Then drag and drop the Disc object to the surface section of the Scatter. The following picture shows the setup.

4- Now we will use Mograph in Scatter Object. To do this, first create a Random Effector from the Mograph menu and drag it to the Effector section of the Octane Scatter Object. Change the “Random Effector” properties as you see in the picture below. You don’t have to enter these properties exactly. You can change as you like the settings in the Transform and Falloff sections. For example, you can select "On" instead of “user defined” in the Color section, and you can create more colorful cubes. Or you can change the shape of the Falloff. It’s up to you.

5- Next is the Material and Instance Color Setup. First create a Glossy Material. Then open the Node Editor and drag and drop the material you created into the Node editor window. Drag the Instance Color directly to the node editor from the menu on the left. Now, when Instance Color Node is selected, connect the tiny yellow spot on the upper right to the Diffuse channel of Material. Now it's time to set the Scatter Object as a Instance Source. When Instance Color Node is selected, select Particle as Source from the menu on the right. In the Color Source section, drag and drop the Octane Scatter Object. After the Material Setup, Assign it to Scatter Object. In the picture below you can see the material and Instance Color setup.

6- If you have done everything properly, you will get a result similar to the following picture (apart from the other cosmetic elements. You can also create HDRI environment, another light sources or secondary geometry etc.). As you can see, the cube objects were colored by the Random effector using “Instance Color”. By using Octane Scatter Object you can get rid of the limit of Cloner and generate a large number of instances. You can also use all the mograph tools.