The Info channel kernel creates false-color images of the scene containing various types of information about the scene. In scenes where the environment is visible the alpha channel should be enabled. You can also use these infochannels as render passes for compositing. See the "Render Passes" section in Rendering for more info. Below we will explain the options specific to the Info Channels kernel. All other options are explained in Directlighting and Pathtracing/PMC. You can look at those sections as needed.


This parameter specifies the various passes that can be rendered and used in the compositing process.

opacIty threshold:

If you have an opacity value you have defined in your material, you can increase or decrease the opacity value with this option. It only changes the opacity value for the infochannel output. The opacity value in your material does not change. This option does not work if the opacityt value in your material is opaque.

Z-depth max:

It only becomes active when "Z-depth" type is selected. Determines the maximum depth of Z-depth info channel type as shown in the picture below.

UV max:

It only becomes active when "Texture coordinates" type is selected. Sets the maximum value that can be shown for the texture UV coordinates.


Determines which set of UV coordinates to use.

max speed:

Speed mapped to the maximum intensity in the motion vector channel. A value of 1 means a maximum movement of 1 screen width in the shutter interval.

samplIng mode:

This option has three sub-menus:

Distrubuted Rays:

Option to show distributed ray tracing, i.e. if enabled, motion blur and DOF are sampled. This is enabled by default.

Non-Distrubuted with Pixel Filtering:

Removes any DOF or Motion Blur from the selected info channel using Pixel filtering. For clean output image.

Non-Distrubuted without Pixel Filtering:

Removes any DOF or Motion Blur from the selected info channel without Pixel filtering. Jagged edges may appear in the picture.

bump and normal mappIng:

If you use the bump or normal map channel of your material, this option determines whether they appear or not in the info channel picture.

wIreframe backface hIghlIghtIng:

Highlight back face of the wireframe output. You need to select the type "wireframe" info channel for this feature to be active.