Install Octane Render™ Standalone Edition

Installing Octane Render is pretty easy. You can install it by following the steps below. If there is a problem, see Deactivation & Trobleshooting.

Step 1:  Log in to your Otoy Account, go to this link and download the latest stable release. You can also get the latest edition of Standalone from here

Step 2: After downloading the software, run the installer.

Step 3:  At first launch you will be prompted to using your Otoy account credentials. Enter your user account information (see below image)

Info: "Offline licensing" means that the licenses will not be released upon the application exit and will be locked to the current machine. In other words, it's locked to that machine as long as the application running and no need for internet connection anymore. However we strongly recommend that your internet connection is available for to use "Live Database" (see Live Database section)

Step 4: Upon entering your credentials, Octane servers will check a valid license key. After it finds your license you can use the software. Octane will keep a session alive as long as there is continuous usage of Octane or an Octane plug-in. In most cases, there should no need to re-login.