Using Live database is quite simple. Now let's briefly explain the options:


There are 3 options here. "Show LiveDB Directory" shows the live DB path on your computer. It is usually the place where Cinema 4D's prefs folder is located. "Show LocalDB Directory" is the path where you save your own material to Local DB. We will be back again this topic in the following steps. Lastly, you can use "Change LocalDB Directory" if you want to change your local material path.


Selecting material from LiveDB is quite simple. With the left mose button you can choose the material you want. With pressing Shift + LMB or Ctrl + LMB you can select more than one material. If you want to remove any material from the selection, you can still use Ctrl + LMB. If you press RMB when the material is selected, the context menu will appear. We will explain the options here in the next chapter.

materIAL prevIew sIze

Here you can determine the size of the material preview thumbnail. You may need to restart Live DB after selecting the size.


It is the search function you see millions of times.

materIAL prevIewS

This area is for the previews of the material categories. You can choose the materials from here.


Let's explain this area in two parts:

1- LiveDB: All the materials created by users and OTOY are listed under this section. Anyone can use it because it is online.

2- Local DB: This is the section where you save your materials. It is not online, only you will see.