When you start using Octane for the first time, creating material can be complicated for a while. In such cases, you may need a ready-made example. A few examples that determine your path in this endless world of shading will help you a lot. That's what the Live Database is for. With this database you can download the ready made materials and see how they are used. By doing reverse engineering, you can figure out how to make the material and then take the first step to producing your own materials. This section is not just for beginners, of course. Those who are experienced or professional in material creation can benefit from the material treasure there.

Live Database is a common material database created by many users of Octane. You can find, download and use any kind of material in your own projects. Unlike other engines, octane is a structure that you can get very fast results. For example, if you need metal material, you can immediately use this database to download and use the material. The diversity of materials here is a result of the users sharing. As soon as you master the material creation, you will want to contribute to this division.

Info: You must have an Internet connection to use LiveDb.