let there be lIght

One day, if you hear a question like "What is the most important component in Octane?", you can answer this question "Light" without hesitation. Of course, everything is important when a 3d renderer is concerned, but the light is very specific within all of them. Because everything is based on light. Light is a factor that shows a render as beautiful, ugly, aesthetic or artistic. You can be a very good texture artist or a master of shading, but if you do not have knowledge of light, your skills will not be an important factor. You absolutely have to know the default information, such as the structure of light, its varieties, how illuminate your scene or where you should position the light. If you see a bad render output, it is known that the first responsibility is shading / texturing, followed by the use of bad lighting.

Octane is very good in light. It's easy to use. As a matter of fact it is always easy to use light in most 3D software, the hard thing is "to know the light". You can learn this information from books, on the web, or from tutorials. But the best information is to look at the outside world. Looking at the real world light changes everything; your perspective, your perception, your vision, all of you. If you can see and understand the dancing of the photons that move at 300.000 kilometers per second, you have made a very good start to light subject. After that, there is plenty of practice.

Now, we can begin if you're ready to dive into the sparkling world of Octane Lights.