Creating material is a serious and difficult task and it is important to work effectively in this process. The Octane material editor is working on Cinema 4D's own editor. At first, it can offer both the ease of not being strangers and the ease of working in a familiar interface. But this comfort is temporary. After a while you can find yourself swung around there among the options of the material editor. It can turn into torture in the material editor after a while, clicking on something constantly, going back and forth between previous and next options, revising some values ​​many times. That's where Octane's Node Editor saves lives. In this editor everything is in front of you and under your hand, you will not be thrown from there, you will not lose your way between the windows. Once you have used it a little longer, it is very difficult to go back to the old material window. Yes, like every Node editor, it can take a while to get used to it, but this is about you. Otherwise, the convenience of the Node Editor and the bulk of the material editor can not be compared.

In the next chapter we will give you some information on how Node Editor works.