c4D mograph color shader

This node is for using the Cinema 4D's "Mograph Color Shader". You can create a lot of interesting color effects using this shader in Octane. To use this shader, you should have an average  knowledge of Cinema 4D's Mograph, Effectors (especially the Shader Effector) and the "Color Shader". You can find an online tutorial or you can read the Cinema 4D help file for these. For online help you can go to the maxon help site and search the topics you want to learn.

how to use

Using the Color Shader requires mograph setup first. As we mentioned above, Cinema 4D mograph tool is almost 90% of this process. To create a scene as you see in the example below, first make the Cloner and Shader effector setups (see those setups in the second picture below or download the scene file). Then use Octane "Image Texture" to load a greyscale or RGB picture in the shading channel of the shader effector (such as noise or turbulence). then change the position of the cubes in the cloner by playing with the position settings of the shader effector. Do not forget to set the falloff of the shader effector. Define the "Color Shader" in the field that the shader effector is affected by the falloff, which is important in the setup. The shading part is the simplest (this is a simplicity that varies depending on your scene and purpose). As you can see in the setup below, the "Mograph Color Shader" is linked to the diffuse channel of the parent material and the parent material is assigned to the cloner object. We connected to the diffuse channel to create a simple example. You can make several setups for each channel if you like. It's completely up to you. You can download and examine the scene from the link below.

Download the scene from here