Here you can change some settings related to the Node editor. Go to this link if you want a more detailed description of the Node editor. Now let's see what the options are:

auto load materIals:

If you activate this, any octane material you click in the material window will instantly appear in the Node editor.

update prevIews on drag:

If you make any changes to the parameters, it updates the preview. Otherwise, it will preview after releasing the mouse.

node prevIEWS:

Used to turn material previews on and off in the Node editor.


Used to open and close the "Side Menu" on the left side in the Node editor.

auto hIde MENU:

This option allows the menu on the left side to be auto hide.  


With this option you can select the gesture method you will use. There are 3 options: 1- None / 2- By Mouse Drag / 3- By ALT Key

button sIze:

With this option you can adjust the width of the menu on the left.

button FONT sIze:

You can change the size of the fonts in the menu on the left by using this option.

grId visibility:

Here you can set how clear the grid in the background in the Node editor.

node edItor colors :

You can change almost any color in the node editor from here. If you are not satisfied, you can return to the old look by pressing the "Reset Colors" button.