octane texture manager

You can use this feature when you have a problem with textures that you assign to the materials, or when you want to see information such as what textures you use, how much space is occupied, and where they are installed from. This manager will make all of your texture-related operations much easier. It's similar to Cinema 4D's native "Texture Manager" tool. You can access this tool from the Live Viewer Materials menu.  

The system is quite simple. As you see in the picture below, you can see the list of all the textures you used in your scene from "Texture List Field". From here you can select any texture and click on RMB to "remove" or "remove all" from the context menu. In "Texture Field Settings" you can see and change the texture properties you selected. In "Replace & Update Field", you can change the texture you selected with another texture. The "Update List" button in the bottom left corner updates the textures as you would expect.