octane area lIght

The type of light you use most often in Octane. It is also possible to set the size from the viewport. You can also change the shape of the area light when you first create it. To do this, select Octane Light from Object Manager (not tag). Then go to the Details Tab and choose the shape you want from the "Area Shape" drop down menu below. In fact, the light you create is the classic Cinema 4D light, but by adding "Light Tag" you can bring this light into a state that Octane can use.

We will not explain the options of Area Light because the regular lights that are "Area Light", "Targeted Area Light" and "IES Light" options are global "Blackbody / Texture Emission" options. In the previous section, "General Settings of the Light Tag", all options are explained in detail.

octane targeted area lIght

Used to lock the Area light to a specific object. So in the viewport you can make the light PSR (position, rotation, scale) more comfortable. What this light does is to put the Cinema 4D's "Target" tag on the light. You can then drag and drop the object you want to the "Target" Tag. Options are the same as "Blackbody Emission". Nothing different.