You will use this section to make your Render output even more beautiful and give effects like glow, glare, bloom. Now let's take a look at these options:


Used to enable or disable Post Processing. Disabled by default.

bloom power

Controls the size and intensity of the halo around the sun, light source, or reflective glossy materials. It enhances the realism of rendering output when used correctly. If it is overused, it may look artificial and hazy.

glare power / glare amount / glare angle / glare blur

Glare power controls the size and intensity of the glare. The glare effect is more pronounced when it comes to the sun, the lights in the scene and reflective materials. Glare amount Controls the number of visible rays radiated or reflected. Glare angle is used to adjust the rotation of the glare relative to the object. A glare angle of -90 and 90 results to one main horizontal glare and a glare angle of 0 results to one main vertical glare. Glare blur Controls the sharpness of the glare. Smaller values will result to a crisp linear glare and this is softened as the value is set higher.

spectral intensity / spectral shift

Spectral Intensity used to adjust the intensity distribution of the rays across a source. This affects the strength or weakness (brightness) of the radiant energy. Spectral Shift Used to adjust the displacement of the spectrum as the frequency of light emitted from a source changes. The shift is evident by a color change, similar to the Doppler Effect.