preparIng scene and upload to orc

There are a few things you need to do before you send the scene to the ORC, now let us explain them step by step.

PreparING scene

First, prepare your scene. Optimize it as we talked about before. Set the frames range. Make all settings from Cinema 4D's render setup. Do not worry about the output format and the save path because you will set them in the cloud.

exportING scene for cloud

If you finished with the scene setup, go to the "Cloud" menu in Live Viewer and select "Send Scene". As soon as you choose this, a save window will open. Save the scene. The scene will be saved in Orbx format. In this format, problems such as the relative file path is not a problem because the whole scene is saved into a single container file. You can think like FBX. If there are complicated particle/dynamics/hair or cloth systems on your scene, be sure to bake or cache them. The file size may be too large according to your scene structure, it is normal. (If you are wondering what the Orbx format is, you can look at this link). Once you've saved the scene, you will see the "Orbx export dialog" window as you see in the picture below, and the frames will be processed one by one.

The most important of these options is "Use render Settings". So you have used the settings you made in Cinema 4D render settings. If you do not check this, the setup in Live Viewer will be exported accordingly.

The "Open Standalone" option is for you to view your scene in the standalone software as soon as the export progress finished. This way you can check whether your scene is correct. If you double-click on "Render target" from the "node graph", your scene will start to render. We recommend going through the various frames to check for any errors. You can leave Standalone when you are done.

"Export to filename" is for determining where your orbx file will be saved. Then, you can click "Start Export" and start exporting your scene. Depending on your scene, this progress can be long or short.

uploadIng scene to ORC

Once your scene has finished exporting, you can upload the orbx file to the Octane Render Cloud. The first thing you need to do is go to the main orc website. You need to have subscription membership and account in order to use this system. You can get detailed information from this link. Let's assume you've done this and continue. Now click the "Scenes" link above from the Cloud homepage. This page is for managing all your uploaded scenes. Click on the "upload orbx scene" icon to load your first scene.

Select the orbx scene file from the file explorer window. As soon as you choose this, your file will begin uploading to the ORC. Depending on the size of your file and your internet speed, this process will take a while.

uploadIng scene to ORC (alternatIve method)

You can also upload from Octane Standalone software. Once you have opened the exported scene in Standalone, go to the "Cloud" menu and select "Upload Scene Snapshot". As soon as you select this, you will see the upload progress on the ORC in the lower left corner. After uploading, go to ORC and you can see your scene in the "Scenes" section and prepare for the final render.