render phase

This is a progression page that shows you what is going on during the render phase. In general you can check the frames during rendering and see how the render Job progresses. You can see information about rendered frames by pressing Preview thumbnail. If you click on any of the progress bars that have green bars, you can look at that frame's rendered image by clicking on it. These green bars represent finished renders. You can pause, delete, download or share your render by using the icons on the top right. The information at the bottom shows the settings you made during Render Job.

download fInIshed frames

After the Render finished, go back to the Jobs page and click on the "download" icon you see in the picture below. When you click this icon a new page will be opened and the system will ask you to specify the frames you want to download. Here you can specify all frames or the desired frame range. When you are done, press "Download Selected Configration" icon. In the newly opened page you will see the frames and when you click on the "Download All" icon in the upper right corner, you download process will begin.

Info: There is no download automation system for Dropbox or Google Drive.