Starting the Octane Render™ Plugin

Step 1:  After you installed the files, start Cinema 4D. At first launch you will be prompted to using your Otoy account credentials. Enter your user account  information (see below image)

Info: "Offline licensing" means that the licenses will not be released upon the application exit and will be locked to the current machine. In other words, it's locked to that machine as long as the application running and no need for internet connection anymore. However we strongly recommend that your internet connection is available for to use "Live Database" (see Live Database section)

Step 2:  If everything is correctly placed, you should see an Octane Menu (see below image).

Creating the Shortcut for the Live Viewer

You can make a shortcut of "Live Viewer Window" and "Octane Render Start" for the quick access. Select Window -> Customization -> Customize Commands or Press ALT+F12, type ‘Live Viewer’ in the Name Filter field and select "Live Viewer Window". Assign a key combination or drag to GUI.

Do the same procedure for the "Start Octane Render" and drag to GUI once again.

Info: When you want to drag to UI, do not forget to tick "Edit Palettes"