This node provides position / rotation / scale control of any texture. You will use it most often with the "Projection" node in many scenarios. You can also use Cinema 4D's texture transform tool, but this node gives you more control.


how to use

Open the Node editor and prepare the setup as you see in the picture below. It's simple to use and you will use this node in many texture operations. As you can see in the picture below, the "Image Texture" node is used for Diffuse and Normal channels (you can find out about "Image Texture" node in the related section). In this setup the "Transform" node was used for PSR (Position / Rotation / Scale) to control the texture on the sphere. At the beginning we said that this node could be used with "projection", and here we also use "Spherical" projection for correct projection according to the surface. We will explain the "Projection Texture Node" in the relevant topic.  

transform node settIngs


From here you can determine which type of transform you will use. In the drop down menu you'll find various options. Let's look briefly at these options now:

2D Transformation: The 2D Transformation provides scale and translation parameters for x and y but not z. The rotate parameter will rotate around the z axis or perpendicular to the object’s surface

3D Rotation: The 3D Rotation provides parameters for controlling rotational values on the x, y, and z axes.

3D Scale: The 3D Scale provides parameters for controlling the x, y, and z values as they relate to the scale of a texture map on the surface of an object.

3D Transformation: The 3D Transformation provides parameters for rotation, scale, and translation on all three axes.

Transform Value: The Transform Value node is similar to the 3D Transformation.

AXES Order

The drop down menu just below the Type option is for determining the axis order. Depending on your purpose, you can choose one of them. These options give more satisfactory results for the rotation parameter.

reset button

This option is self-explanatory.

r.x / r.y / r.z

Here you can adjust the rotation of your texture. You can use it with Type and Order if necessary.

S.x / s.y / s.z

Here you can adjust the scale of your texture. If you select "Lock aspect ratio", the scale value will be the same in all three parameters. You can use the scale value with Type and Order if necessary.

T.x / T.y / T.z

Here you can adjust the position of your texture. You can use it with Type and Order if necessary.