From this menu you can find some viewing functions regarding to the node editor. Let's take a look at them:

Select sub nodes

With this option you can select all the children of any node. So you will be able to select all at once, without having to select individual or rectangular with the mouse. This option is especially good for choosing the same type of nodes and changing settings.

auto arrange selected

This option will automatically arrange the nodes you select.

chIld selectIon

If there are other child nodes connected to the selected node, it will automatically select the child nodes. This option is also used to select all child nodes in the hierarchy. For example, you can select all child nodes of your main node with this option. Works in toggle mode, you can turn it on and off.


You can minimize or maximize any node for more comfortable working. There 3 ways to do this:

1- by using node's triangle button

2- double click the title area.  

3- or select this option from the view menu


With this option you can see all nodes in the editor area. It's like a zoom out.


You will only see the selected node close up.


Used to zoom in the node editor. You can also use mouse + keyboard combinations as described in the Interface menu..