W coordInate

This texture is used to reach the vertex coordinate system of each hair strand during hair use in Octane. Thus you have got the access to use gradient color for each hair. This is a very useful add-on for creation of hair material in Octane.  

hoW to use

Using this texture node requires some knowledge. First of all, you should have an average knowledge of Cinema 4D's hair Module. For this, you can follow online tutorials or read the help file of Cinema 4D. To use Hair in Octane, you can look at the "Rendering / Hair Rendering" section. The following setup is the material setup you will assign to the hair object after creating the hair. As you can see in the picture, it is easy to use after dealing with the main hair and object setup. Once you first create a gradient node and specify the colors, you simply connect the W coordinate Node to the input section of the gradient. Finally, to see the hair render in LV, assign the "octane object tag" to the object to which you assigned the hair and check the "Render as Hair" option in the "hair" tab.